Monday, 2 April 2018

Rain, rain go away... come back on another day

Hi All,

Just a quick video update from the Course.

Link is here

Well March has been and gone with just under 150mm of rain making this the wettest March I have had. This plus the two hits of the ‘Beast from the East’ and very little in growth. We are currently four weeks behind last year growth wise!
I think we have all had enough of this rain but let’s be positive, the summer is around the corner.
We just need to be patient (especially me) and ride the storm out (bad weather).
We look like we are going to get warmer now, this should mean the start of good growing conditions and a chance for us to catch up with work on the course but in the short term we face some typical showery days.. Let’s hope not to many April showers...

I for one cannot wait to get going and I am looking forward to the season ahead.

See you all soon, hopefully without waterproofs on!


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