Monday, 5 March 2018

The Thaw

Hi Everyone,

Monday Morning
I thought I would do a mini blog and let you know why we have been unable to Open today.
We still have some snow and ice and wet areas around the course.
Sunday Morning

The snow has moved fast but we still have it lying in areas and a lot of this is frozen over.

Please see video attached:-

We experienced a week long frost before the snow. This now means the water from either the rain or the snow melt has nowhere to go. Also another danger from this is Root Shear. This is happens when the surface is soft and the frost is still in the ground below remaining hard. When this is walked on the roots of the grass plant can rip and cause damage to the green. See diagram below.  

I hope we can open tomorrow but we will have to watch how the weather pans out in the coming weeks. Our main issue is getting the snow melted and frost out of the ground. This luckily for us being on the south coast is never an issue so I expect us to be playing golf soon!  

See you soon


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