Monday, 25 September 2017

Bunker Project Phase 2

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Sorry its been a while, I have been trying to do think of quicker ways of doing these blogs including videos but have failed in my attempts to upload them so far!! ( I will persist) but for now I am back to the traditional way of typing out on the PC.

Below I have uploaded the PowerPoint from our Project presentation evening. This shows a brief overview of the Phase 2. The presentation starts with a quick re cap of the Phase 1 works including before and after photos. It then moves onto Phase 2, which by now we can see are well underway out on the course. A timeline guide (weather dependent) on this years project and summary of the next phase at the end.  

At the presentation evening Richard Arnold (General Manager) gave an overview of the practice ground project and how planning was going. We now know planning permission has been granted and work will commence before the end 2017. The evening finished with Nick Clayton giving a brief on the term memberships and what role they have on the projects. 

14th Greenside left before

14th Greenside Left after Phase 1

The second new fairway bunker on the left of the 1st (around 150 to the green) will be installed this year. It was originally left off phase 1 as there were concerns it would not be needed. It was felt rather than spending money on it we should wait a year to get feedback from the membership.
After receiving feedback it was decided this should be added and was included in this years works.   

Willie Park (course architect) was famous for dips and hollows as can be seen on 9, 13,14,15 for example. They also are to the left of the tee shot on the 6th. One of Ken Moodie's plans was to bring these areas back into play. With the fairway bunkers being moved on the 6th fairway and the hollow to the left being dugout towards the fairway the tee shot will get a lot harder!

Photoshop of how we imagine the 6th to look. Note: mounding to cover pathway entrance

 Following concerns about how tough the 7th would be with the new approach bunker on the right it was decided to leave this off the Phase 2 plan this year.

Huge amount of earthworks taking place on 11th. Mounds are being added along with two new fairway bunkers, the old fairway bunker not in play will be removed with the heather being used to on the new bunker and mounding right of the fairway, this will help hide the 15th tee from play.

Another area with lots of earth works, the ditch at 8th will be widened to help dry the area and improve water flow. Old features will be added along with silt ponds. Two piped bridges will replace the four smaller sleeper bridges and the steps at 11th and 12th will be removed to make way for a pathway, slightly hidden from play.

Photoshop from Ken Moodie (golf architect) on the new look 11th

Photoshop image of the cross bunkers on 12th after the sand lines have been raised up again

It is planned to have all the turf and Heather turf down and the bunkers completed by November. 

Following the decision to postpone the 7th approach bunker (right), we decided to get the fairway bunker in on the 9th fairway to add interest to the drive off the hole. 

I hope by now you can see the work is well underway and you can see how great the course will be once it settles in. I will blog an update asap. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me when you see me around the club. 


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