Sunday, 14 May 2017

The Man from Montana

I wanted to do a quick blog about our new Ball washer on the 1st tee. Some of you have noticed this and have made comment about how much you like it. 

This ball washer has travelled many miles to be with us. It was made by a Course Superintendent (Course Manager) from Briarwood in Montana USA. His name is Sean Sullivan. He's a fantastic guy, who has been Greenkeeping for years. Sean is not only a member of the American Greenkeepers association (GCSAA
but BIGGA the British one too.

Briarwood is a private members club in the Yellowstone Country Park and was voted the number 1 course in Montana. For your information Montana is called "The Treasure State" It is the 4th largest state, so that's pretty impressive in terms of rankings.

Sean not only loves his family, dog and wildlife (not surprising living around the beautiful Yellowstone Park) but he also loves the British golf courses and has worked at the several British Open's. 

He regularly attends BTME the Turf Managers conference in Harrogate... that's  some travelling! 


His other passion is making bespoke ball washers in his workshop, especially during the snow days. 

(He then adds a copy of the club logos to his pickup truck. Nice to know our logo is getting seen if in the states!)  

I met Sean a few years ago and have got to know him from BTME. This year when speaking to him about Stoneham and the history of the British Masters and having the Ryder Cup team here, he asked if he could make us a Bespoke ball washer. Once back at Stoneham I sent him a copy of our logo and he got to work straight away. 
Several Facebook messages of the stages of the ball washers followed until he finally completed it. 

The ball washer then travelled the 4,471 miles to Stoneham for us to put on the 1st tee. We were so inspired by Sean's ball washers that we are now sourcing new ball washers complete with logos for other holes. 

 Once in place I sent Sean a thank you message and picture and he replied that I need to get a Stoneham bag towel to hang on it. He said "Looks great, hope your members appreciate the effort to increase their brand, cheers". 

Sean, we certainly do appreciate your efforts. We have had so many positive comments about the ball washer. 
Thank you! 


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