Saturday, 20 August 2016

Maintenance Week information

22nd August 2016 – 26th August 2016 

Below is the information on works to be carried out during course maintenance 

Greens and Aprons 

Monday: Verti drain (deep tine) to 10 inches, Hollow core 3 inches and clear, Scarify, Top dress, 
and brush, Air2G2 (compressed air) (Front 9 Closed) 
Tuesday: Verti drain (deep tine) to 10 inches, Hollow core 3 inches and clear, Scarify, Top dress 
and brush,Air2g2 (compressed air) (Back 9 Closed) 
Wednesday: Fertilise Greens and Aprons, Over seed, Top dress and Brush, Hollow core 
surrounds and clear 
Thursday: Top dress greens if required, Surround work to continue, Option to hollow core 17th
Fairway if weather suitable 
Friday: Cut and Roll greens, Surrounds work to continue 

Please give way to operators at all times 

Following the works the greens will be sandy and a little bumpy for a couple of weeks. 
We apologise for an inconvenience. 

Please remember these works are essential for our greens to continue to improve! 

Tees – Verti drain, Hollow tine to remove thatch and for soil exchange, top dressed,
over seeded with rye, bent and fescue mix and fertilised 
 Surrounds – Solid tine and then scarify. After we will over seed any wear areas with rye 
grass and fertilise 
 Fairways – It is intended to scarify fairways and clear them once the wetter weather 
• All greens and Aprons works will be carried out in maintenance week 
Some works on tees, surrounds and fairways will take longer to carry out and will go into other 

All works are subject to weather conditions 

Matt Plested 
Course Manager 
August 2016 

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