Saturday, 7 May 2016

Our first Divot Trophy ever!

During May Day Bank holiday we held our first Divot Trophy Competition. This is something I have done many times before and felt it would be great if we could do it at Stoneham.

What is the Divot Trophy?

Well it is basically a golf tournament mixed with course maintenance. 
The format is a shotgun start, teams of four who when playing use the best two scores. 

The greenstaff start the day by placing the buckets along the middle of the holes or areas with large amounts of divots before everyone arrives. On the day, over 200 buckets of divot mix were used. 

We then met in the clubhouse for bacon rolls and coffee followed by a quick briefing from myself about the divoting side of things (not how to play golf as my partners Rob, Chris and Bill will vouch for!)

The groups then headed out to the hole where they will tee off from and divot the fairway for 45 mins prior to the klaxon going off to start the golf. 

The weather was great with rain coming in after we finished to help the seed. 
The amount of members who played  was around 50 and others who just made the effort to come along to divot. This was fantastic! 

We decided it was better to double up on some high wear areas with two groups on certain holes! 

The divotting will make a huge difference to the golf course during the coming months, so lets hope for some showers (at night). It would take one of the greenstaff two full weeks to do what took the members together just 45 mins! 

Once the divotting was completed the buckets were left in a pile near the 150 posts and collected in by the greenstaff.

The golf competition
 that followed was just a bit of fun! After the golf we returned to the clubhouse for a quick drink. I then presented the prizes.
The winners on the day were Martin Long,
Ian Mills, Doug Umbers and Graham Phillips. Congratulations Gents, you better be prepared to defend your title next time!

Thanks must go to the Greenstaff, Richard and Jayne, Carly, Simon & all the Bar /Kitchen staff and the Pro shop for all there help and hard work. 

I would personally like to thank the members for turning up to help and showing your support.

It really was a good day with a great fun feeling about it 😀
Thank you  


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