Saturday, 12 March 2016


The picture above is our 2nd green with a golf ball marking all the current pitchmarks on this green. This includes un-repaired or badly repaired pitchmarks.
We actually ran out of balls to finish the green off but this just shows you the damage being caused. 

Pitchmark repair is one of the first things we are taught when learning golfing etiquette and I know we have had a very wet winter but it is upsetting to see such a high volume on our greens. 

Some people think they don't leave a pitchmark and this maybe true if you putt in from a 100 yards like me but I still repair a pitchmark once on the green. I have had staff and members reporting repairing 10-15 pitchmarks at a time!  

The damage left from poorly repaired pitchmarks can take weeks to recover especially at this time of year with cold nights. Also any area left with exposed soil during the winter is likely to filled with a weed or increased chance of disease. 

If we want good greens, that don't bobble or take an age to repair and with beautiful putting surfaces we must repair our pitchmarks!!!
(Play a game with your playing partners and ask them how many they have repaired in today's round?) 

Not everyone is 100% sure how to repair pitchmarks correctly? 
Please see the link to the video below, it only takes a minute or two to see if you are doing it correct. 

Help us to make Stoneham even better for you! 

Happy repairing 


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