Monday, 16 November 2015

A Quick Guide

I just wanted to do a quick blog to talk about a couple of things you (and me) as the golfer could be doing this winter to improve the golf course...

Please DO NOT CROSS the trolley lines with Trolleys. 

These have been introduced to protect the aprons and surrounding areas.
Doing this will help to give you better grass coverage on these areas especially in the season and will inspire you to hit those stunning approach shots (or the long putter if your me :-) 

Follow the trolley lines and go around the green. Please don't try and squeeze in between the bunker and the green. 

We have started to use Rope Pins and rope in certain areas to add even more protection. Please follow these diversions as they in place to stop you getting covered in mud also. 
If you take a rope pin down to hit another perfect chip please replace it where you found it. 
I must say we have the most amazing rope pins you are likely to see. These aren't any normal bog standard rope pin. These are hand crafted and beautifully made by one of the Stoneham members (thanks John).

PLEASE make every effort to CARRY YOUR BAG if possible.

Now with the introduction of the rope pins it's a shorter walk carrying a bag. If you possibly can carry please do, you may want a smaller bag than pictured above.
It's your course let's try to protect it for as long as we can and go into the season next year in better shape. 

Please rake bunkers after you have played your shot. 

And if your out with the a trolley and it goes off 'out of control'. Please rake that after also!! :-) 

At this time of year even the slightest shot into a green can leave a pitchmark.

Please repair your Pitchmarks 

Above is a diagram of how to do it. 
Work the pitchmark in from the outside all the way around until them meet. Then flatten normally with a putter.

(Please don't lift from the bottom up as this just leaves a soil mark, this is then susceptible to disease or weed damage).  

Please be careful walking on banks, slopes and sleepers.

During the winter banks, slopes and sleepers can be slippery if wet or icy. Please take care while walking around. 

Story time 
A great professional once told me his aim was to improve the course every time he played. I remember thinking, what did he mean? So I asked him. 
He told me he always tried to repair two pitch marks per green, raked any bunkers he went in and replaced all his divots plus others. He would also pick up any debris or litter if he saw any out the course. 
That's why in my book he was a great professional and great golfer. He left it in better condition than when he played it. 
This should be all golfers mission statement! 


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